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Jamie & Laura Jensen

34 Dans Lane, Kingsville, West Bay Rd, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, B0E3L0

902 302 0735

Come visit us, we’re in the little white house just off exit 2 of TCH 105!

14 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Bonnie Emond

    Hi there,
    I live on Riverside Road , next door to Wesley Eagar. I did see your ad in the Cleveland Post Office over the holidays but did not get to your place. . It is so nice to see that you have a web site as well. Could you give me better directions> I am not sure where Dan’s Lane is. Is it off of the 105 ? Is Riverside Rd exit 2 ?
    As long as the weather is ok on Monday I should be passing by your way in the morning around 9:45 and would like to get 2 doz eggs and also a dozen bagels.
    Once again, congratulations and I wish you great success,
    Bonnie E.

    • Jamie

      Hi Bonnie
      Thank you for getting in touch! Our hens are just coming back into lay but we’ll see how many eggs we can get for you for Monday. The bagels will be no problem.
      As you’ve guessed Dans Lane is the road that leads up from exit 2 of the TransCanada (105) where it meets Riverside Rd. There’s a yellow house on the corner at the bottom and we are the little white house at the top, on the right. Don’t wear your best shoes as it gets very muddy if the ground is not frozen! Give us a call if you get lost.

  2. Lynn & Bob Martin

    We just had a taste of your Welsh cakes (thanks to Edna delivering them today)! They were absolutely scrumptious! I have a funny feeling this will become a habit!

    • Diolch yn fawr! glad you like them, the recipe is from my 3yr old son’s friend’s great-great-grandmother! We’re looking to do some other Welsh specialities like Teisen Lap and Bara Brith, probably in March to celebrate St Davids Day. Thanks for your orders, we’re enjoying baking! L&J

  3. Bonnie Emond

    Hi Laurie and Jamie,
    You delivered 2 doz eggs and 9 bagels last week to me. the eggs were wonderful and also the bagels. I would like to put an order in. 1 dozen large eggs, 6 seseme and poppyseed bagels , mixed, 6 Welsh Cakes. have never had the welsh cakes before, but we are loooking forward to trying them. could I pick them up either late afternoon tomorrow or on the weekend sometime ? Let me know how much it will be.
    Bonnie Emond

    • Bonnie Emond

      I subscribed to wordpress to see email, but cannot figure out how to receive your email. maybe you would just like to answer to me here on your blog. I also sent you a message through facebook just now.

      • Hi Bonnie,
        Nice to hear from you. Your order would be $9.75. Large eggs are $4.50 a dozen (small are now $3.50), bagels $3 and welshcakes $2.25.
        We have a lot of orders today, which is great, so if you could swing by about 3.30 at the earliest that would be best. If you beep when outside we’ll bring the order out to you as its icy out there! Give us a call if you need to 302-0735. L.

  4. Barbara

    I just wrote you the longest message which didn’t go thru – to tell you Jamie’s grandpa’s brother was a master baker in Copenhagen – Joern Jensen – I can’t spell his first name but I will get it for you from his son Poul who is about Jamie’s age. Can we get shipments on Fedex???

  5. Deb McLaren

    YUM! The bread is great! Earl and I ate one whole loaf last night. We had the bagels toasted this morning with scrambled eggs. I forgot how good real bagels are. I am not sure what you feed your chickens, they are evidently healthy and happy by the size of the eggs they produce. I look forward to next week. Deb

  6. Hi Laura and Jamie, I see you often at the Mabou Market, I’m the one who talks too much and seems to always run around buying food at the last minute. Also I’m the pretzel lover!

    Love the photos, I am a chicken lover. Is there anything happier than a happy chicken? (Well, probably!)

    My daughter mentioned you might have pork for sale. Is this true? If so, do you know price yet? I would like to have some for freezer.

    See you Sunday in Mabou,

  7. Alan P.

    The bread on the sandwich I got from you today at the Farmer’s Market was simply amazing. I shared it with my family when I got home (rather unwillingly I might add) we really enjoyed it . Do you offer this style bread at the market? If so what is it called? I’d like to buy a loaf next week if you happen to have it. Tell the boys the “Honey Man” said hello. All the best to you and yours.

    • Hi Alan. Glad you liked it! That’s our focaccia. I do it thicker than the traditional focaccia and top it with Italian herbs and Spanish sea salt, so it’s very mediterranean! If you can’t wait until next Saturday I do similar sandwiches at Baddeck market, although these are topped with cheese and sun-blushed tomatoes too, or you could pop into The Governors Pub and Eatery in Sydney as the chef uses it there for their burgers I believe! Take care, Jamie

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