At Kingsville Farm we aim to supply our local community with the best quality food that has the lowest environmental impact. We derive real enjoyment from seeing or hearing from people that get real enjoyment from our food!


20 responses to “Home

  1. I purchased two loaves of your bread at the farmer’s market this morning – one multigrain and one organic whole wheat. Both are simply perfect. I feel quite spoiled knowing I’ll get to enjoy them all week. I am so happy you’re here.

  2. Jane Gesner

    Your bread is my favourite! We will try making some kamut bread here at home though I don’t expect it to top your delicious spelt bread…I am looking forward to the new market season in Mabou!

  3. wanda cloake

    Thank You very much for the treat you left for me in the vehicle today…Do I have to share them? Ive eaten two already on my home from the office……mmmmmmm. Awesome, when and where do I get more?

    • Hi Wanda, glad you like them! We sell at the farmers markets; Port Hawkesbury, Whycocomagh, Antigonish, Sydney and Mabou on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when they’re on. Later this summer we hope to open a shop on our farm in Kingsville too so keep your eyes out for that! Jamie

  4. Eric Winsor

    we bought some of your bread at the Mabou market today and it was very tasty, we will be looking forward to your shop opening in Kingsville.

  5. Anne Leslie

    Love the idea of a shop opening!!!! Bought bread yesterday at the market….. Delicious!, and am dying to try the scones I have been hearing so much about… Looking forward:)) Best of luck………

  6. Richard MacDonald

    Best Spelt bread ever.

  7. Lorraine Cantlie

    Had your bread for the first time at the Right Some Good dinner in Arichat on Monday Night. Simply the best bread I have ever eaten. I immediately got in touch with Pearleen, the organizer, to help find you. Sadly, we are returning to Ottawa after our month’s stay in Arichat, and will have to wait until next year to have your bread again.

  8. Tara Vasil

    Hello! Just wondering when the Haven Coffeebar is set to open! I work in port Hawksbury and love a good organic or gourmet coffee and treat between meals (and so do my co-workers!) can’t wait to see what you are going to have available!!

    • Hi Tara
      We’re hoping to put the bakery equipment in over the next week or so but our coffee machine isn’t arriving until the end of October so you can get a loaf of bread or some devon scones in the meantime but you’ll have to wait a few more weeks for the coffee!!
      Thanks for your support, we look forward to seeing you on the waterfront!
      Jamie & Laura

  9. Bonnie Taylor

    Love your bread. Can’t wait until your shop opens 🙂

  10. Bonnie Taylor

    When is the shop opening?

  11. (Monday, but shhhh- we’re keeping it a secret!!)

  12. johanna orton

    So happy to see you OPEN !!!! Love the fresh bread. Half of the loaf is gone already : )

  13. Wendy

    Very happy the bakery is open. What are the hours? Do you have gluten free bread yet?

    • Hi Wendy
      We’re still working on the gluten free, but are hoping to get someone in on Tuesdays to bake for us (and for you!). Keep your eye on this site, we’ll let you know!
      As for the hours we are currently open from 8.30am until 2pm, officially, but can often be found there between 4am-4.30pm… basically if you see us in there come in, have a coffee and grab a loaf, some scones and a sandwich too!

  14. jerome

    See that to google maps 27.51465,-97.971237 what it is? horseS? cows? jeromauto@live.fr

  15. ryan dyer

    hi i am opening a restaurant and need to know prices on quanity of eggs please call ryan 226 975 0369

    • Hi Ryan
      We cannot supply you eggs however there is bound to be a couple of people local to you that will be able to. The eggs you get from them will be firmer, richer and tastier than what you’d get from s commercial barn, but you will need to pay a responsible price for them. At our cafe we buy eggs from a local couple for $5/ dozen. It’s an easy cut if you look hard at your costs but if you think of the few dollars difference as a marketing expense you’ll be on the right track- people love food with a story and supporting local is the best one to tell. Good luck

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